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Claire Trella Hill

Author of Gothic Romance and Romantic Fantasy

Book cover of The Erlking's Daughters.


The Erlking's Daughters

Two Unseelie princesses. Two human boys. One daring escape. Morwë must decide how far she will go to keep her sister safe, even if it means escaping the fae colony under the mountain with two prisoners in tow and leaving everything—even her identity—behind.


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When a Dragon
Comes Courting

When soldiers drag a bloody prisoner into her farmyard, Roe helps free him—but he’s actually a dragon in human form.

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About the Author

Claire Trella Hill will read anything, but fantasy romance and gothic fiction are her favorites.  When Claire isn't writing, she can be found with her nose glued to her library app, assisting with the last tricky pieces of a puzzle, swilling Dr. Pepper, collecting vintage romance covers, or cuddling with her cat.

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