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The World of Karneesia

Enter a rich fantasy world full of magic, enchantment, and romance, where magic lingers in the land,
hope fights for victory, and magical creatures hide just out of sight, ready to step into the light....

The Karneesia Chronicles are novel length stories, and Tales from Karneesia are novellas set in the same world.

They are all standalone stories that can be read in any order, but you can also read them in the world's chronological order.

The Karneesia Chronicles

Book Cover of The Erlking's Daughters

The Erlking's

The Unseelie Caverns are closing in on Morwë.
The handsome prisoner may be her only way out.


The Unseelie faefolk dwell in darkness, consume human life force, and care for no one… except for the half-human daughters of the Erlking. Morwë encases her feelings in walls of ice, only allowing herself to care for her younger sister—and even then, not openly. She navigates hostility from family and acquaintances alike and believes there is no other way to live. But her world is shaken with the abrupt arrival of a prisoner who sees her—in more ways than one.


Arken has always placed family first. When his village is attacked and his younger brother stolen, he sets off determined to rescue him. An encounter with faefolk out of stories and spook-tales wasn’t in his plan, and neither is the woman with haunting eyes just as trapped as he is. She’s his enemy. He shouldn’t trust her. But she may be his only hope for salvation.


As a forced marriage looms and violence mounts in the caverns, Morwë must choose—acquiesce to the bleak, terrifying future she thought was her only option, or risk everything to escape with the human prisoner and protect their siblings—even if it costs her life.


A slow burn romantic fantasy, The Erlking's Daughters is perfect for fans of Hannah Whitten’s For the Wolf, Robin McKinley, Kate Stradling, and anyone who loves to see characters move from darkness to light.

Mistress of

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Book cover of Mistress of Wardwood

Tales from Karneesia

Book Cover of When a Dragon Comes Courting

When a Dragon
Comes Courting

A young mother and a dragon in a man’s guise meet in the unlikeliest of places….


After her husband is drafted and dies in the Dragon Wars, Roe means to have nothing to do with the bitter conflict. She focuses on providing for herself and her baby daughter, keeping to her own land. But when soldiers drag a bloody prisoner into her farmyard, Roe’s intentions turn to ash.


The prisoner has a frightening magnetism about him, a strange heat and power that Roe doesn’t understand—until she realizes he is a dragon, captured in human form. Both fascinated and fearful, Roe offers what succor she can and earns his regard. Roe is determined to free the prisoner before he is delivered for magical torture—and the dragon is determined to protect her.


Dragons have long memories, and neither soldiers nor sand will keep him from returning for what is his….


When a Dragon Comes Courting is a closed door fantasy romance novella set in the world of Karneesia, the first in the Tales from Karneesia novella series.

Book Cover of Come by Water

Come by Water:
A Retelling of Tam Lin

“Why have you come to Carterhaugh?”


Seven years ago, after a mysterious fire and tragedy, Janet’s childhood friend Tam was presumed dead, leaving her desolate. Now of marriageable age, Janet asks her father for the ruined Lane family estate as a wedding dowry. But when she arrives on the water-soaked and blooming grounds of Carterhaugh, she encounters a man who looks eerily familiar. Stranger still, he insists the roses she tries to pick are his.


Janet discovers Tam Lane is not dead—he has been trapped by the Faefolk Queen of the Bog, destined for a horrible fate… unless Janet can muster her courage to save her best friend—and perhaps true love—from the clutches of the bog.


Come by Water is a standalone fantasy romance novella retelling of Tam Lin, perfect for fans of Robin McKinley and Juliet Marillier. It is the second in the Tales from Karneesia, novellas set in the world of the Karneesia Chronicles.

World Timeline

When a Dragon Comes Courting
Come by Water

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